Aug 2008
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New Bunny Lake album!

“Dear girls’n’boys,

Let’s start with a sad note: Our beloved Dr. Nachtstrom will not contributing to the next BUNNY LAKE album. Due to very personal and tragic circumstances, the Doc quit making music during the last year.

The good news: He will be back. And the very good news: With the blessing of our Herr Doktor we other Bunnies started to work on new stuff without him right after THE CHURCH OF BUNNY LAKE – and we nearly finished our third album over the last weeks.


And we were right! We jammed, we drunk, we smoked, we talked and – above all – we made music during long hours in Bernd’s countryside studio in rural Styria. After a few months a refreshed BUNNY LAKE sound evolved.

We still want to make you shake your booty, but this time, girls’n’boys, it’s also about melancholy.

Influenced by many fucked up stories of friends and stuff that happened to ourselves, inspired by only the greats of Rock’n’Roll and Pop, from the Velvets to Bowie, from Moroder to New Order, we set out for new horizons.


Expect killer remixes from guys like Tronik Youth and The Aston Shuffle, expect a new side of BUNNY LAKE. Into the future, here we go!

All the best,
Christian & The Bunny Gang”