Sep 2008
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Pendulum covering Coldplay

To be honest, I never liked the direction Pendulum chose with their new album, In Silico. Their sound changed from solid Drum’n’Bass to what can be best described as some kind of DnB influenced, thus fast pop-rock. I definitely don’t belong to the people telling everybody how much Pendulum sucks, as I said, I honestly liked their old style, but now they they’ve gone too far: Covering Coldplay‘s Violent Hill live on a BBC Radio 1 airplay prooves pretty much that they have finalley decided to abandon their career in the DnB scene and start all over again as a commercial pop-rock band. It’s a shame they didn’t even have the balls to change their name…
R.I.P., Pendulum!

Pendulum – Violent Hill (cover from Coldplay)
(I don’t even wanna waste my bandwidth, so you can find the track on that blog, just scroll down and click ‘mp3’)