Oct 2008
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I don’t feel like dancin’

Sometimes I browse through my iTunes Library and stumble over tracks which I completely forgot I had. Same here, to be honest, this remix is already quite old, but that doesn’t mean it’s not good anymore.
Paris-based producers Teenage Bad Girl did quite a good job on that one, preserving enough of the original song’s flair, while adding their unique, heavily distorted sound.

Scissor Sisters – I don’t feel like dancin’ (Teenage Bad Girl)
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  • Anonymous

    WOW. Listen to the section beginning at 2:15 on this track, then 0:50 of Revl9n – Walking Machine (sebastiAn remix) and tell me this isn’t a blatant sebastiAn ripoff.

  • Jako

    I wouldn’t call this a rippoff, since everybody in the electronic music scene is somehow ‘stealing’ from other produvers, as in the music biz in general.
    I’d say producers (as well as bands) inspire each other.