Oct 2008
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Bunny Lake x Pola-Riot

I already posted this remix, so this is some kind of repack, including other tracks by Bunny Lake and Pola-Riot. Bunny Lake are up and coming electroclash producers from my home country Austria; Pola-Riot, on the other hand, is a Vienna-based club, whose DJs also do remixes and produce tracks.
Concerning Shinichi Osawa, I don’t think I have to introduce this mastermind of electronic dance music…

Enjoy some fresh (Austrian) tunes! 😉

Bunny Lake – Into The Future (Pola-Riot’s Raver Madness Remix)

Bunny Lake – Strobe Love (Shinichi Osawa Remix)

Pola-Riot – Goldwater

  • str3us3lkuch3n

    Don’t know why, but I’m not able to get the first two tracks :/

  • Jako

    Strange, everything works fine for me, I just tried downloading the first two tracks, both of them were working…

  • str3us3lkuch3n

    Now it works.

  • Jako

    Yeah, I messed around with access permissions for the files.