Nov 2008
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As I promised, I’m going to make up for posting no music yesterday, so I thought about posting something really different. Browsing through my iTunes library, I stumbled over the Soulwax remix of Beethoven‘s Fifth, and I said to myself, why not post some remixes of classical music?

  • alex

    Wow, I just love the first two of them. They’ve got such a great melancholic mood. I can’t stop listening to the Moonlight Sonata right now.

    Thanks a lot for putting them up.

    Greetz, alex

  • NickDaniels

    WOW !!! Eine Kleine Nachtmusik are AMAZING !!!

    Good job !!

  • Hidden Cat

    That Soulwax remix is actually my mix made to sound like the soulwax mix because I couldn’t find it anywhere. I never meant for it to come up on all these blogs, and in no way meant to pretend to be soulwax. I just made it for fun. just know that you’re not getting a soulwax remix, you’re getting a shoddy attempt at recreating one.

    the correct title is “(Hidden Cat’s “Based on the Soulwax” Edit)

  • Ticky

    Loving it! So far I've only listened to 'Yann Tiersen & Jay Haze – Comptine d'un autre t: L'aprs-midi' – it came up on 'Spy' on Hype Machine. Really really like the sound – so easy to listen to, yet it's got the beat there and little piano – da:da:da's to keep it going. Blog is now a favourite – and song is on my Myspace.

    va. :]

  • Anonymous

    yann tiersen remix: what an absolute piece of wank. you have taken a good, interesting piece of music and shat all over it. i cant believe an abomination like this is allowed to exist. you people should be ashamed. please, do the world a favour and go shoot yourselves. please.