Nov 2008
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Mailbox Round Up I

During the week, I always get tons of mails from producers, DJs and bands, sending over their newest tracks, remixes and songs. I’m terribly sorry that I can’t post all of them, but instead I’m gonna pick a few which I like best:

First, there is Dishevelled Youth, a young electronic producer living in London who started producing music less than a year ago. His track EVO is a a great tribute to synth pop, the 80s style makes me smile everytime I listen to it.

Dishevevelled Youth – EVO

The next candidate comes from San Diego, California: 19-year old CEPI delivers a very creative little mini mix including The Proxy‘s Raven, Designer DrugsZombies! and New Order‘s Confusion. Also check out his War Drums remix in his mySpace player.

CEPI – Ravens, Zombies & Confusion (Mini Mix)

Finally, there are Xtophe&Kee: Two young electro producers based in California as well, remixing tracks of well-known artists like Danger. Their remix of 11h30 is even more bleepy than the original and has the extra kick that I miss in the original. Don’t forget to check out their other tracks on mySpace, especially the Santogold mashup!

Danger – 11h30 (Xtophe&Kee Remix)