Nov 2008
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A Cross The Universe!

Finally, it has leaked!
Blogosphere premiere

Basically, this is a recording of a Justice show in high quality, including all the remixes they do live, fucking around with samples, filters, whatever. I guess everybody who has already had the pleasure of seeing them live knows what this means…
I’m sure that there will be some blogs that will post up the whole album, but I certainly won’t do that. Show some respect for the artists you like, head over to Amazon and buy the album in full quality, it’s definitely worth ~17 bucks.
Here’s a little foretaste to what you’re going to get for your money:

Justice – Genesis

Justice – Phantom Part 1.5

Justice – D.A.N.C.E. Part 2

Justice – We Are Your Friends (Reprise)

Justice – NY Excuse (Soulwax)

Justice – Final (Metallica)

don’t know why the tracks have weird names on hypem, guess i fucked up the id3-tags. see here.