Nov 2008
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A Cross The Universe!

Finally, it has leaked!
Blogosphere premiere

Basically, this is a recording of a Justice show in high quality, including all the remixes they do live, fucking around with samples, filters, whatever. I guess everybody who has already had the pleasure of seeing them live knows what this means…
I’m sure that there will be some blogs that will post up the whole album, but I certainly won’t do that. Show some respect for the artists you like, head over to Amazon and buy the album in full quality, it’s definitely worth ~17 bucks.
Here’s a little foretaste to what you’re going to get for your money:

Justice – Genesis

Justice – Phantom Part 1.5

Justice – D.A.N.C.E. Part 2

Justice – We Are Your Friends (Reprise)

Justice – NY Excuse (Soulwax)

Justice – Final (Metallica)

don’t know why the tracks have weird names on hypem, guess i fucked up the id3-tags. see here.

  • Anonymous

    a real gem!

  • Anonymous


  • NewjacK

    Awesome post!! I made a post today and it has a link to your site if you dont mind….

  • Anonymous

    sorry but whats so special about justice playing the mstrkrft remix of dance and calling it dance part2 ?

  • Anonymous

    rofl, that’s just the DANCE (Live Version)

    “Finally, it has leaked! Blogosphere premiere” hahahahahha, i just pissed my pants laughing..

    http://blog.datasapiens.net/dsaudio/Justice%20-%20DANCE%20%28Live%20Version%29.mp3 there ya go

  • Jako

    i know, phantom 1.5 was out before as well, but according to hypem, disco demons was the first blog providing a bunch of tracks from the album.

    wanna blame justice for renaming their track? cause D.A.N.C.E. Part 2 is what it says on the A Cross The Universe cover.

    same for the guy above complaining about this being just the mstrkrft remix:
    sure, you’re right, but please continue whining here:
    (cause it’s their album, not mine, remember?)

    sometimes, i really do get the impression that some people are forced to read my blog.
    i know that there are lots of people out there who appreciate it, if you don’t, start your own.

    jako @ discodemons

  • nahuel.

    shit, what the fuck? are they just acting to a prerecorded set? look at the midi-controller, how it’s not plugged in anywhere (esp not the USB Chord):

    German magazine DE:BUG on Justice live

  • Anonymous

    They gave a statement to the picture so please put the tinfoil hat back in your closet and move on ..

  • Anonymous

    where can you read that statement?

  • riot

    What did they say?

  • Jako

    response by xavier from justice:

  • SWITCHâ„¢

    i’m sure you have it by now, but if not i’ve posted all the tracks on my “beats week”

  • NewjacK

    So did the release get pushed back to Dec. 9th???