Nov 2008
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Justice don’t fake their shows

I guess most of you have already stumbled over the above photo, where Gaspard‘s MIDI-controller obviously isn’t plugged in. A lot of blogs have been spreading rumours about Justice faking their live shows. However, Xavier from Justice responded that the cable simply fell out, and Gaspard plugged it in right after. This statement is backed by a picture on which you can clearly see him messing around with the cable, plugging it in again:

(click image for higher resolution)

Of course they could still be faking their shows, but I personally don’t think so, people just like to hate on bands / DJs that made it.
  • Anonymous

    Well if that’s no good news!

  • Anonymous

    Wasn das für ein Teil, auf dem das MacBook steht? O_o

  • Jako

    ein Tisch? 😉

  • Anonymous

    Definitely not faking. think about it, their using ableton Live which even on your worst night the set will still sound OK. Im belittling aan ableton set just pointing something out that it wouldnt be worth it to fake the set. Also I ahev the mix and there are dodgy sound cables and randomness all over the mix.

    AND finally, they would haev to be incredibly stupid not to plug in a USB cable if they were faking it as it totally gives the game away…NO ONE who makes such music as Justice do are stupid.