Nov 2008
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The Dirty Funker

A few weeks ago, I posted a remix of Guns N’ Roses‘ legendary Welcome To The Jungle. According to the hypem charts, a lot of people liked that remix, so I’m gonna post some more stuff by UK-based producer Dirty Funker.

  • fishdog

    cool stuff. thanks for sharing!

  • David Griffith

    I just got a Guns n’ Roses sleeve for my laptop at RockSoxx.com. Check it out.



    Meh-ish remix of come as you are. I think the “original” Eighties by Killing Joke is a far more remixable track than CAYA


    Actually now that I listen closer I can hear the guitars from “Eighties”. Looks like he just used the CAYA acapella. Kinda boring regardless.

  • Forever Awesome

    thanks for the comment man! Im checking out your posts now! :)

  • str3us3lkuch3n

    Wow! Hypem #1 again :)

  • Tiborhanson

    very cool remixes–thanks!