Nov 2008
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Mailbox Round Up II

It’s been nearly three weeks since the last Mailbox Round Up and my mailbox is already packed with interesting new stuff, so I guess it’s time for a huge Mailbox Round Up.

First, there’s Clockwork from Los Angeles, CA who already had the honour of being featured on Disco Demons. Now he came up with a new track, called Low Cut. Nice one!

Clockwork – Low Cut

The next one in row is Resterisk from Seattle, WA. His track Rock’n’Roll City immediately put a smile on my face, it’s definitely one of those good-mood-tracks… Also, I’m quite sure that they are sampling Justice‘s ‘Waters Of Nazareth drums’, take a close listen.

Resterisk – Rock’n’Roll City (Resterisk Mix)

From the home of innovative electronic dance music, Paris, France comes an interesting contribution: The Bloody Sisters exclusively sent over their new track Time Machine from the upcoming Time Machine EP.

The Bloody Sisters – Time Machine

Seems as if I can’t stop posting Rock remixes, Herr Kaschke from Germany provides us with a remix of Franz Ferdinand‘s Ulysses which he did for the remix contest on beatport.com. Also check out his Digitalism remix, a real killer.

Franz Ferdinand- Ulysses (Kaschkes 6501 Remix)

Digitalism – Taken Away (H3rR k45Chk3 74k3n 4w4y R3M1x)

And again a remix of an Indie Rock band: Personally, I don’t like Kings Of Leon, but since they’re quite popular right now, I thought some of you might enjoy that one by Tenzin:

Kings Of Leon – Sex On Fire (Tenzin Remix)

Finally, there are The Beatles. Figure delivers three remixes of popular Beatles songs. I don’t think I have to comment on these… just lean back and enjoy!

The Beatles – Lady Madonna (FIGURE Remix)

The Beatles – With A Little Help From My Friends (FIGURE Remix)

The Beatles – Eleanor Rigby (FIGURE Remix)

Please understand that I can not post up every track I recieve, that’d really break the mold.