Dec 2008
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Mailbox Round Up III

Again nearly three weeks since the last Mailbox Round Up, and it seems as if the amount of unread mails in my inbox has doubled. I recieve a lot of good stuff, and it’s always hard to pick out a few to post up, but please understand that I can not reply to every single mail.

My first pick is NONEWYORK, their new track Cocaine Bassline has, as the name might probably suggest, a solid bassline which I definitely like. There was cocaine at this party!

NONEWYORK – Cocaine Bassline Goes live on Beatport Jan. 21st

The next one is some kind of electronic-influenced rock… or is it rock-influenced electro? Honestly, I can’t tell, but somehow, Baskerville from the Netherlands caught my attention. I guess it was the pictures of their masks (see mySpace) in the mail they sent me. Check out their first track Pushing Around!

Baskerville – Pushing Around

Digital Primate from Melbourne, Australia delivers some nice tracks with a bunch of remixes. I’d love to post them all, but I managed to pick one. Nice vocals, heavy bassline… the way we love it!

Digital Primate – I Ain’t Wid It (Mikix The Cat Remix)

Again hailing from the Netherlands, there’s Don Diablo who sent over a hell of a track. The Truth Is No Good To Me is a real interesting track, as it features vocals by The Prodigy and again a nice, solid bassline. See for yourself!

Don Diablo – The Truth Is No Good To Me

It was no hard decision to pick Gingy to ‘headline’ this mailbox round up, the track he sent over was simply the best. The Canadian producer’s tracks have already been playlisted by such DJs as Toxic Avenger and Felix Cartal, and the remix he did for Barletta from Mansion is again outstanding. It’s going to be released on the Bass Live EP, don’t forget to check out that one!

DJ Barletta – Bass Live (Gingy Remix)

I know this is quite unusual, but I really have to add a bonus track (which has of course nothing to do with my mailbox): After having seen Part Of The Weekend Never Dies, I’m heed over heels in love with Miserable Girl by Soulwax, I just have to share this masterpiece with you…

Soulwax – Miserable Girl