Jan 2009
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Thank you Katy!

Remember the Katy Perry remix I posted up a few hours ago? I was just wondering where that entry had gone when I found a suspicious mail in my inbox: “Blogger DMCA takedown notification“. Katy Perry’s record company notified blogger.com about me infringing copyrights.

When I read this email, I was about to post some Soulwax remixes, but I guess it’d be more sensible to wait a few days. Don’t expect any posts until the next weekend, I hope I can sort this out by Friday.

Please note that repeated violations to our Terms of Service may result in further remedial action taken against your Blogger account.
Let’s all hope that blogger.com won’t take down my blog…

Comments appreciated!

  • Anonymous

    What a bitch!

  • wohlstandsmuell

    Scheiße Jako. Aber das kann blogger.com dich kaum bringen?! Ich mein den ganzen Blog runterzufahren…

  • fabs

    Scheiße, glaube aber kaum, dass die mit sich reden lassen. Leider!

    blogger.com = Google und die werden wohl kooperationsbereit sein, bevor sie selbst Probleme bekommen.

    Gibts hier eine Möglichkeit die Posts zu sichern? Wenn ja, würd ich das schnellstens machen.

  • Anonymous

    Damn man that sucks, hope you’ll be able to keep on bloggin without trouble :(