Jan 2009
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Music Sounds Better With You

Another ‘We Are Your Friends’ mash up… well, I wouldn’t call this a mash up, it’s got more of a proper remix. A very good remix, to be more precise. Mixing Justice‘s hymn with Stardust‘s legendary Music Sounds Better With You is a stroke of a genius…

C.I.T.Y. vs. DiscoTech:
Music Sounds Better With Your Friends (Stardust/Justice Mash-Up)
* link removed by request *

MP3 is available for download again, see latest posting!
or just click here

  • NewjacK

    damn, i wanted to grab that when i got home….

  • Anonymous

    maybe hit up the blog admin via mail?

  • Anonymous

    damn i would like to grab that as well

  • Spaceboy

    love this remix.. if there’s any chance hooking it up via email send me an email.

  • NewjacK

    same here if possible!

  • Jako

    it’s up again, see latest posting.

  • Zach

    The version of Stardust used is DiscoTech’s remix.
    Shouldn’t that be credited somewhere?

  • Jako

    that’s why i had to take it down.
    not my fault, though, the mp3 that i received had wrong id3-tags.
    the new mp3 i posted up has correct id3-tags, but it’s impossible to change tracks names on hypem…

  • maicher

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