Jan 2009
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Planck’s constant

I remember my physics teacher speaking a lot about Planck’s constant yesterday. When I checked my mails today, I stumbled upon a track called Constante De Planck, sent over by French electro artists Coal Stairs. What a coincidence!
Judging from the stunning animated gifs that can be found in their mySpace photo albums, these guys gotta be some kind of graphic designers as well. Anyway, I really dig this track, that pizzicato sounds over these spheric synths really fit the title. Make sure to check out their other tracks as well!

Coal Stairs – Constante De Planck

  • Anonymous

    DAMN !!!
    This track is just amazing
    I just can’t stop listening to it


  • Anonymous

    haha Planck’s constant
    awesome track !!

  • Anonymous

    Constante de Planck is MERVEILLEUX :)

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