Jan 2009
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Pets Dance EP

1. SPA – Pets Dance
2. SPA – Dumbo
3. SPA – Pets Dance (Bloody Beetroots Rmx)
4. SPA – Pets Dance (Bloody Beetroots + Cecile Rmx)
5. SPA – Pets Dance (Steve Aoki Rmx)
6. SPA – Pets Dance (Les Petits Pillous Rmx)

S.P.A. – Pets Dance EP (Teaser)

  • Gururaj

    Great to see pets dancing
    dog stairs

  • Dylan

    haha, true that, is ‘Spa’ signed on with Dim Mak (guessing based on the remixers). I could look it up but I’m too lazy, ha
    Dylan from
    Portland Playground

  • Jakob

    they are. got this teaser directly from dim mak records…