Feb 2009
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Two banging remixes straigt from my mailbox: The first one is actually a Chewy Chocolate Cookies remix of a track called Nightlovers, produced by NY-based DJs Alexander Technique featuring Van Scott, which was then re-edited by JFK of MSTRKRFT to drop it in their own sets.

Alexander Technique feat. Van Scott – Nightlovers (CCC Remix / JFK Edit)

Number two is a remix of the Crookers’ killer track What Up Y’All by Australian producer FNGRLCKN. Love those distorted sawtooth synths in the middle of the track, they add a slight retro touch…

Crookers – What Up Y’All (FNGRLCKN Remix)

  • Anonymous

    did u actually listen to that fngrlkcn track, its truly horrible just like his djing

    captain cheese

  • Anonymous

    that crookers “remix” is complete trash

  • Jakob

    haha, expected that.

  • Anonymous

    yeah sorry jakob but the crookers remix was bad
    but the original track sucks more so i guess he did good

  • Anonymous

    Surly FNGRLCKN can not claim thats crookers track as a remix?
    He has taken a shit song and some how made it even worse.

  • ian

    the fngrlkn “remix” is so dissapointing… it is taking up space on the internet that could otherwise be occupied by real music… how can you even call it a remix… hype machine lets some pathetic edits and mashups through sometimes…
    oh well at least its not mashed up up with we are your friends….
    and well done to the guy who wrote the post…. you got your one download and one hit out of me!

  • NewjacK

    damn you guys are harsh….

  • Anonymous

    yeah not going to lie, but this remix is a pretty bad effort of a remix, and wat makes it worse, is i’ve seen this kid play and he is even worse, you should check out his myspace, he is the shittest dj/producer, his song is just a waste of space

  • Anonymous

    This remix of crookers is worse then happy gilmores putting when he first started playing golf.
    unlike happy gilmore i cannot see fnkglckn improving at all.
    but i do give credit to disco demons for bloging remixes produced by mentally challenged people.
    your doing a good thing here.
    i suggest producers like this go back to the drawing bored and become more origanal and 1st dont try and spell all your alais’s like MSTRKRFT and don’t name yourself after famous/well estblished record labels like Fingerlicken records.
    and stop producing tracks that make our ears bleed.
    that is all

  • Jakob

    “but i do give credit to disco demons for bloging remixes produced by mentally challenged people.
    your doing a good thing here.”


  • Dave

    Another terrible edit by sir FNGRLCKN.its hardly a remix at all. just a track he can put on his myspace to boost up his profile views. mabye he should stop licking his fingers and spend some more time learning the basics

  • drew

    the fngrlckn track fucking sucks… anyone that does a “refix” (whats up with all these stupid fucking names????!!!) of a track using just the downloaded mp3 is an idiot. the quality is so bad… edit .wav’s or .aiff’s then convert to mp3 and at least you’ll have something of decent quality.
    so annoying all these looser producers doing “refix”s mashups and edits of popular tracks.

  • major iTunes

    Crookers @ iTunes: http://bit.ly/qaPSN