Feb 2009
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New M.I.A. song

waddup. i made a new remix featuring the voice talents of MIA. it’s entitled “new M.I.A. song” for the following reasons:

1. it’s made up of small bite sized chunks of three different MIA acapellas. i’m much too lazy to write “bucky dun gun+pull up the people+jimmy death to the throne remix”

2. i imagine (god forbid) that if MIA were to ever die, her record label would probably pump out regurgitated crap like this all day long i.e. tupac, biggie, etc..

3. i think it’ll be funny seeing people go ape shit over a post containing the words “new M.I.A. song.

death to the throne

M.I.A. – New M.I.A. Song (DEATH TO THE THRONE REMIX!!!!!!!!!!!)

  • Anonymous

    Well you got me with “New MIA Song” XD

  • Dylan

    you know maybe this was all a joke too but some other blog (nashville nights?) was saying M.I.A. had specifically sent death to the throne the parts to her ‘newest track’ to remix. Which is ridiculous if they’re talking about this song because that rumor is exactly the irony Death to The Throne was shooting for