Feb 2009
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New M.I.A. song

waddup. i made a new remix featuring the voice talents of MIA. it’s entitled “new M.I.A. song” for the following reasons:

1. it’s made up of small bite sized chunks of three different MIA acapellas. i’m much too lazy to write “bucky dun gun+pull up the people+jimmy death to the throne remix”

2. i imagine (god forbid) that if MIA were to ever die, her record label would probably pump out regurgitated crap like this all day long i.e. tupac, biggie, etc..

3. i think it’ll be funny seeing people go ape shit over a post containing the words “new M.I.A. song.

death to the throne

M.I.A. – New M.I.A. Song (DEATH TO THE THRONE REMIX!!!!!!!!!!!)