Feb 2009
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MSTRKRFT – Fist Of God

Sorry kiddos, I’m not gonna leak any tracks of the new MSTRKRFT album, Dim Mak Records asked me not to leak it until they send out promos, so I’ll show some respect to these extraordinary artists and keep it for myself…

“Hey guys, we spoke with the band today and heard someone who got a very early promo version of the album thought it would be genius to leak it on the internet. We are fully aware that is probably all over BitTorrent, Waffles, etc already and many of you may already have it.

Please do us a favor and do not post any records from the album on your blogs quite yet. These are the wishes of not only us at Dim Mak but of MSTRKRFT and their management. I trust many of you have already decided to do the right thing and that is really really awesome…however that still leaves some of you on this email list I have already seen post up new records from them in an effort to get some more hits to your site. The album doesn’t come out until over a month from now…please do the right thing honestly. When we get closer to the album date we are gonna release some records to you anyways.”
  • Anonymous

    I listened to the very early promo and the album fucking sucks anyway. I hope something was done or is done to it in the time between to flesh it out because, as it stands, Bounce is still the best song on it, which is sad.

  • Jakob

    I really dig most of the tracks, but you’re right, some tracks on Fist Of God suck big time…

  • youmeandeveryone

    I hate you. Leak it!

  • Jakob

    Sorry, but this is what Dim Mak Records told me:
    “IF you leak the record or any songs from Fist of God on your blog, the next email you get will not be from us. It will be from Blogger (Google), or for WordPress users, from your host provider and it will be regarding suspending your account for copyright infringement. We don’t want to be the internet police but don’t make this worse on everyone especially the band…we are trying to be upbeat about the album release and this is genuinely tough news to hear. Thank you.”