Feb 2009
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Electro Messiah

You may remeber A.G.Trio, I already introduced them to you in January. After releasing their Zombies In The Disco EP they now provided me with Electro Messiah, their latest work which they want to share with the world: “there are tons of great tracks on our harddrives waiting for audience. and it would last years – according to the rules of the music industry – to release them. so we decided to give something away for free. just to celebrate “zombies in the disco” we want “electro messiah” to spread over the internet just for fun.
Remember, the best things in life are free…

A. G. Trio – Electro Messiah

If anyone feels like remixing, download the samples here!
(and feel free to send over your remix)

Sorry for the ZippyShare link, MediaFire seems to experience troubles with their servers…