Feb 2009
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The Galactik Knights

“The intergalactic guardians of a mysterious relic, said to have the power to destroy galaxies, are on an age-old mission to prevent it from falling into the hands of evil. As the Galactik Knights were attending a ceremony to arrange peace between two worlds, the joyous festivities came to an abrupt end due to a suprise attack of immese proportions.

Out-numbered and overwhelmed, many of these legendary warriors were destroyed along with their planet. Only a few have been said to have survived the assault, and the relic has gone missing.

Years have passed as two mysterious beings finally find their way to a foreign planet. However, this new world may suffer the same fate. Their enemy, solely responsible for the ruthless destruction of their planet, may have located them in search of the missing relic. It is now their duty to protect the new world its inhabitants refer to as Earth…

… and so begins, the legend of the Galactik Knights.”

Very Daft Punk-esque.

Galactik Knights – Supernova

Galactik Knights – With All My Love