Mar 2009
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W A R P !!!

Side A: Warp 1.9

Side B: Warp 7.7


  • Anonymous

    I think I’m gonna dig the B-Side more but they’re both gonna be massive. Aoki doesn’t sound too bad!

  • Anonymous

    Same here, the A-Side is just the average Bloody Beetroots sound, which I’m getting a bit tired of.

  • Anonymous

    It isn’t even that it’s the average Beetroots sound. Compare something recent like this or their remix of Mind Dimension to something old like I Love The Bloody Beetroots. While they’ve always been about being noisy and loud, their old shit had a lot of melody to it. It’s mostly noise now and they’re lucky they’re so damn good at it.

  • Anonymous

    youre right, their older stuff had a lot more melody in it. mind dimension rmx was just one huge disappointment.

  • Anonymous

    I like the BB of this moment more than the old ones. The songs now are mostly noise but they do this very well

  • NewjacK

    Wow! When is this getting released?

  • Jakob

    March 24th

  • Matt

    Wowww. so you dont like noise huh??

    Well then wait for the album this summer…surprises :)