Mar 2009
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Larry’s Louder Mix

Larry Tee here with a bunch of new exclusives, including songs from his upcoming album and tracks from artists booked by doitlouder.com (Alexander Technique, Christopher Just, The Fire and Reason, Mel Merio and Tombstone). This mix features unreleased remixes and tracks from Princess Superstar, Malente, Blogula (= Larry Tee and Alexander Technique), MGMT, Mom and Dad, Christopher Just, The Fire and Reason, Killer on the Dancefloor, Jeff Doubleu, and others…
Amazing mix featuring interesting unreleased stuff: Thanks, Larry!

1. Christopher Just vs Bunny Lake – The Very Last Dance
2. The Fire And Reason – Preste Atencao (Killer on the Dancefloor Mix)
3. Blogula mix – In My Blood
4. Mom And Dad- The Whole SH-Bang
5. Alexander Technique feat. Princess SUperstar – Rock U (Larry Tee’s Blogula Mix)
6. Jeff Doubleu – Foxy Jazz
7. Kelly – Shoes (Larry Tee and Tombstone Mix)
8. Larry Tee feat. Jodie Harsh – Agyness Deyn (Malente Mix)
9. MGMT – Time to Pretend (Blogula Mix)
10. Amplid – Aviator Theme

Larry Tee – Larry’s Louder Mix
(128k, ~43MB)

320k version
(this is Larry‘s original link, which will last for 14 days)