Mar 2009
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Side B > Side A

I’d be cursed if this track isn’t heavily influenced by Kraftwerk: the pulsating synths, the uplifting melody, everything totally reminds me of Autobahn. I like the B-Side much more than Warp 1.9, it shows that Bobby is still a musical mastermind. This is a vinyl rip, originally in 320k quality, but I don’t wanna get into trouble with Dim Mak, so here’s a 128k preview… sorry kiddos!

The Bloody Beetroots – Warp 7.7 (128k preview)
(very special thanks to Rob J.)

  • Anonymous

    autobahn – fuck yes, you’re right!

  • Anonymous

    I know what vinyl rip you’re talking about and it’s a terrible rip. The distortion and clipping is too much. Hopefully someone else with the vinyl will do a quality rip.

  • Jakob @ Disco Demons

    I know, the signal is a bit overdriven, but it’s the best digital version available so far. Don’t wanna post up the 320k, though…

  • Anonymous

    maybe la friendly or panaromix
    will post the 320 :)

    LaFriendly posted the full 1.9

  • Anonymous
  • Matt – Dim Mak

    lafriendly posted a transcode of a 128. cool though

  • Anonymous

    This is poor. Aoki is poor. Sorry.