Apr 2009
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Woop Woop!

The Bloody Beetroots – Warp 1.9
More build-ups and kick-ins for the crowd.
Annyoing screams by Steve Aoki.
  • Anonymous

    This is so fucking good!

  • Ralphatron

    fuckin yyyeeerrrr

  • Late Night Laptop Lads

    The description sounds awsome! :)

  • OrliD

    Immense and Intense.

  • Anonymous

    re edit?? whoes the orginal edit by?

    sounds good!!!!!!

  • knos

    Whatever happened with that interview?

  • Jakob @ Disco Demons

    C’mon guys, stay patient, it’s gonna come soon. Waiting for Dim Mak’s OK

  • Anonymous

    fucking AWESOME!

  • Ghostscene Djs

    Love you Jakob! :]
    How did last night go?
    You drop it??

  • Jakob @ Disco Demons

    Yeah, I was DJing in that old bomb shelter tunnel. Dropped your edit right in the middle of my set, people obviously loved it…:)

  • Ghostscene Djs

    Sick! Thanks so much for that!
    love the blog support!
    throw you the next project when its done! :]

  • cason jonner

    this track is sick to the max!!! props~!!!!

  • Anonymous

    the original edit by romulus and remus?

    fucking love both!

  • MS-DOS

    yeah the original edit by romulus and remus, ghoscene cranked up the intro a bit

  • Guizmo

    Toxic Avenger dropped it too in his set the 18th April ! We loved this fucking shit tooo !

  • Anonymous

    this fuking incredible. who are ghostcene theyre pretty good.

  • JamesJ

    Toxic avenger dropped this edit??

  • Jakob @ Disco Demons
  • Henry Lancaster

    this is the only edit i can stand. thanks for this

  • Anonymous

    ghostscene are whopper , keep it up lads. love it