Apr 2009
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All Rights Reversed

Sorry to disappoint you kiddos, I don’t feel like posting up the usual stuff today, check other blogs, I assure you there are enough of them posting up every crap they happen to find in their inboxes. Instead, I give you quite an old (2007) track I’ve been humming all day long at school. Beware, it’s highly addictive and you might soon find yourselves humming scary vocals. Talking about school, my Spanish teacher was buried by an avalanche last weekend… freaky shit.

The Chemical Brothers – All Rights Reversed

  • Anonymous

    but she survived…?

  • Jakob @ Disco Demons

    Yeah, she’s in hospital right now. Where are you from?(just curious because you knew my Spanish teacher is female)…

  • Anonymous

    Buried by an avalanche? Where do YOU live?

  • chemical brother

    ah ah ah ah ah ah aaaahhhhh

  • Benji

    That was your teacher Jako? Glad she survived o.o