Apr 2009
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JUSTICE + BOYS NOIZE + 50 CENT // Disco Demons back to teh interwebz

Hehe kiddos, after having survived more than 24hrs without internet at home, I’m back on line. Had to write an explanation to my provider, explaining that I can guarantee that my MacBook is certainly not infected with any virus or trojan malware. Took me quite some time to convince the tech support that there are only about 40 viruses/trojans threatening Mac users, and these are well known…

Anyway, it’s good to be connected again. Because I’m feeling lucky right now, I give you a preview of Boys Noize‘s latest track, Come With Me. This is only a set rip, taken from a set Alex played a few days ago.

Boys Noize – Come With Me (set rip)

Wondering how much Justice charged for their latest remix: Lenny Kravitz. This one came very surprising, no information has leaked before. It was announced on Lenny’s homepage a few hours ago, all of a sudden. Anyway, here it is… enjoy!

Lenny Kravitz – Let Love Rule (Justice Remix)

Edit: You’ll never guess what Boys Noize just wrote: “50 CENT DID RAP OVER MY BEAT”