Apr 2009
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Phoenix – Remix Contest

Remember when I was asking producers to remix Phoenix – 1901 a few weeks ago? I received dozens of remix which I’d love to share with you. For obvious reasons, I have to limit myself, so I picked 5 remixes which I liked best. There’s no certain ranking as they all feature highly individual aspects (alphabetical order!)

Completely reworked shuffled beat. Love the way the synths sound so amazingly retro, makes me think of Van Halen’s Jump. Awesome!
Phoenix – 1901 (Alan Wilkis)

Soft, chilled atmosphere. Nice and quiet in general. One of my faves.
Phoenix – 1901 (Build Remix)

As expected from Mr. Vega: Fast, dirty synths. Very disco-esque.
Phoenix – 1901 (Mr. Vega Remix)

Very interesting remix, messing around with the vocals. Funny loops.
Phoenix – 1901 (Remco Durez Remix)

Fast, filtered synths. Makes me think of a sunny day in Paris. Don’t miss that one.
Phoenix – 1901 (The Tremulance Remix)