May 2009
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Justice vs. Boys Noize

Just stumbled upon a little re-edit I did last year: Justice‘s We Are Your Friends versus Boys Noize‘s Let’s Buy Happiness. I wouldn’t even call this a remix, it’s got more of a mash-up or re-edit of different remixes of both tracks, featuring some drum samples and soft synths (Ableton Live). Don’t expect ground-breaking material, but whenever I dropped it in my sets, people obviously liked it, so I thought I’m gonna share it with y’all.

Let me know what you think…

Justice vs. Boys Noize – Let’s Buy Your Friends (Disco Demons Re-Edit)

  • Anonymous

    sick tune … respect

  • Anonymous

    you did this? didn’t know you’re into producing as well

  • Anonymous

    Why didnt I come up with this Idea?

  • NewjacK

    Nice man

  • Ed Banger Kids

    this is sex. thankyou.

  • Anonymous


  • Shane G

    Very very nice jakob!
    defo droppin’ this!
    perfect late night weapon!!

  • Anonymous

    this is hypem no1 material!!

  • Slamer

    hey nice mix jakob, awsome sounds! :)
    hehe maybe oneday we can make a mix
    disco demons vs slamer hehe =))

  • Anonymous

    dude were the bobby interview

    im still waiting for that >:|

  • Karta

    Great idea I must say,
    but please :
    This is a mashup between Boys Noize Let’s Buy Happiness, and Scottie B’s remix of We Are your Friends… (go find it on hypem if you will). That’s a good mashup, not a remix.

  • Jakob @ Disco Demons

    sometimes I ask myself if you people even try to read what I post. let me please quote myself:

    “I wouldn’t even call this a remix, it’s got more of a mash-up or re-edit of different remixes of both tracks”

    thanks for all the love. (to those who wrote kind comments and are obviously capable of reading)

  • sir minus

    hot sauce bro

  • Anonymous

    Sweet man. Gonna drop this next month for sure.


  • Sravante

    Holy crap this is slick

  • Karta

    Sorry… just trying to tell people the truth about your song…
    I think that Scottie B’s remix deserves a little more recognition than “featuring some drum samples and soft synth (ableton live).”

    I didn’t say you were wrong about how you described it, I even said this was a good mashup. I thought it would be interesting to know how the track has been made. Sorry again for reading, listening, AND reacting to both… But I’m sorry i didn’t suck your d*ck by the way… Good mashup anyway.

  • Jakob @ Disco Demons

    Okay, to credit everything:

    Let’s Buy Happiness (Original Mix)
    We Are Your Friends (Scottie B, King Tutt and Samir Remix)
    We Are Your Friends (Edison Club Mix)
    bits and pieces from Proxy’s Let’s Buy Happiness remix
    one bass drum sample from Les Petits Pilous’ Raven remix
    plus said Ableton samples.

    sorry for sounding a bit harsh in the first place, but I’m so sick of people hating on every track that makes it on hypem’s top 10.
    thanks for your feedback anyway.