May 2009
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Just a short laugh…

  • Slamer

    hey jakob its awsome!
    i need those lambs!
    hehe cool video i love it!

    ohh guess what… myspace will delete my profile by a reason of somekind of copyright problems…
    soo… i have to make a new profile whit a new name hehe lolz…

  • Anonymous

    one of the sickest videos i´ve ever seen…

  • Miche!

    How did they do that :o!


    What was the copyrighted problem??

  • Anonymous

    i think it’s a fake, this works too well..

  • Slamer

    to > Miche!

    I uploaded a fischerspooner remix to my myspace profile ahmm 3 days ago… maybe that was the "copyright problem"… but why? maybe i had to ask fischerspooner that pleeasee can i upload my remix to my fucking shit profile? lolz… i still dont know…
    =( i hate myspace XD