May 2009
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1. Human After All —> presented by Disco Demons
2. The Prime Time Of Your Life —>
presented by Data Sapiens
3. Robot Rock —>
presented by The Cold Cut
4. Steam Machine —>
presented by Cream Team
5. Make Love —>
presented by Sheena Beaston
6. The Brainwasher —>
presented by Danger! Danger!
7. On/Off —>
presented by The Lemur Blog
8. Television Rules The Nation —>
presented by Noise Porn
9. Technologic —>
presented by Pretty Much Amazing
10. Emotion —>
presented by Binary

Release Date: May 20

  • Anonymous

    o______O damn jakob you´re a fucking maniac. how do you get those jobs amazing…

  • Anonymous

    i’m already counting days til may 20

  • Jan

    Awesome, looking forward to seeing all the remixers!!!

  • Ghostscene Djs

    fuck! cant wait to see ur choice!