May 2009
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Daft Punk Remix: incoming in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1…

Hiya kiddos, just stopped by to dramatically increase tension: The next post you’re going to see here on Disco Demons will be an exclusive 128k pre-release of Daft Punk‘s classic track Human After All, remixed by an artist of my choice who remains secret until tomorrow evening (20:00 / 8 PM middle-european time – go here to check when it’s going to be released in your country).

Stay tuned!

  • Ryan


  • Anonymous

    man i can’t wait

  • al

    dooo itttt

  • Anonymous

    tomorrow tomorrow tomorrow

  • Anonymous

    i bet it´s ghostscene

  • JFK

    i bet it’s me


    We are definitely doing one of these…

  • Fake Blood

    Ha ha ha ha

  • Jakob @ Disco Demons

    Not again! :)

  • Kanye West

    thank you jakob for chosen me. dont worry im rappin this human think bro!
    daft punk? ohh come an kanye west after all!!

    hehe it will be better than my harder better faster stronger rappin remix!

    hey respect!

  • Metallica

    we´re still thinking of a Nothing Else Matters After All thing. thanks for giving US the chance for fulflling our dream!

  • Crookers

    get ready kiddos!!!!

  • Anonymous

    ok let´s put the puzzle together. discodemons is best friends with disco villains and dada life. i bet it´s one of em :)

  • NewjacK

    Hopefully! Either of those two would be awesome….one more hour left!!!

  • Tiga "Shoes"

    Whats that sound
    I like that sound
    I love that sound
    Its the sound of a daft punk remix you stupid!

  • Anonymous

    I KNEW IT!!!!!