May 2009
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I’m more than proud to present you an exclusive 128k preview of what’s going to drop by tomorrow morning: As you know, every blog chose one track of the original Human After All album. Luckily, I was fast enough to pick my all-time favorite, the self-titled track Human After All.

I spent more than two weeks looking for the perfect producer to remix my chosen track, as I wanted to turn it into a massive, banging, aggressive monster, inspired by SebastiAn‘s remix. The Disco Villains are the producers of my choice because they’re experienced remixers (just have a look at the insane number of remixes) and all of their remixes preserve enough of the original track while turning it into killer tunes.

Enough talk, here you are, kiddos:

128k preview

To be honest, I expected a lot from the Disco Villains, but this is definitely more than I ever expected. Louie even reworked some of the vocals, using his own voice plus a vocoder. I’m totally in love with it right now, got it stuck on repeat on my iPod.

Make sure to check the other blogs (see links a few posts below) for previews of their own remixes . The entire album in its full 320k glory will hit the chosen blogs tomorrow…