May 2009
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Best Tiga interview ever!

  • Anonymous

    Tiga – Halo 😀

  • Nicol

    Is this for real? He seems like a total prat.

  • Anonymous

    especially in the pronounciation of “Tiega” i could have recognized a certain gag – it´s simply the best interview with ti(e)ga

    vote 4 red-bull well !!

  • Anonymous

    well, he always calls himself like that.

    (“teega” instead of “tiger”)

  • Anonymous

    rofl reminds me of david byrne interviewing himself

  • Ed Banger Kids

    OMFG. This is sooo ace. “the dove, the man that fun never forgot, the radiant prince of love”

    HAHAHHAHHAHAHHHAA. OMG. Is this guy serious ?! HA!