May 2009
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It’s Getting Hot In Here…

I’ve been really lazy recently, spending most of my time outside or somewhere in the water. Weather is perfect, it’s been hot for days. I just had to post up Tiga’s Hot In Here, it fits my current mood very well. Don’t think I have to introduce Tiga, y’all should know him by now.

Tiga – Hot In Here

Totally forgot to check my DropBox for about a week, so here are some tracks I just discovered, including a remix of Supermode’s Tell Me Why by Aerotronic from Belgium and a banging track by Dutch producer Jaimie Fanatic: Programmed, a massive killer track which I’m really in love with right now.

Supermode – Tell Me Why (Aerotronic Remix)

Jaimie Fanatic – Programmed

Plus another awesome remix I discovered last weekend at the Kavinsky / Busy P show: promoter and supporting DJ Pola-Riot dropped a remix of Haddaway’s What Is Love. When I asked him whose remix this was, I was surprised to find out that we were talking about DJ Barletta. This is definitely something to bang your heads to later tonight, kiddos!

Haddaway – What Is Love (Barletta Remix)