Jun 2009
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Spotlight: The Exo

Hey kiddos, I think it’s time for another spotlight feature: Those of you who have been following my blog for some time should know French producers The Exo by now. Somewhere between Fischerspooner, Chromeo and Depeche Mode they are producing excellent material. Their tracks feature filtered retro lead synths, sweeping pads in the background and hammering bass drums. I’m really in love with these catchy melodies that make you feel happy immediately.

The Exo – Palais Royal

The Exo – Golden Slingshots

The Exo – The Pride Of Catalonia

They’ve also some remixes out, here are two they did for their compatriots High Powered Boys (Bobmo & Surkin) and mastermind Monsieur Oizo. I really like what they did to Oizo’s sick track Positif, adding a piano sample and throwing in bits and pieces of Bruce Willis Is Dead turned that track into a crazy monster.

Mr. Oizo – Positif (The Exo “What The Fuuuck” Remix)

High Powered Boys – Hoes Get Down (The Exo Remix)

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