Jun 2009
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News For You!

You might’ve heard of British outfit Stockholm Syndrome (ex Artful Dodger), who just remixed their compatriot SEB‘s track News For You. I’m in a bit of a hurry, so you have to make up an description for yourselves, kiddos.

SEB – News For You (Stockholm Syndrome)

Always interesting to browse my spam folder. I have no idea why from time to time mails end up in there, but yeah, it just happens. This one is a few days “old”, just digged it out. Drlkt Freddie‘s latest remix, combining hiphop break beats and techy synths. Taken from Dirty Disco Youths Stupid Sound EP.

Dirty Disco Youth – Stupid Sound (Drlkt Freddie Remix)

Plus another mashup of two tracks I really like, Daft Punk’s Technologic and Does It Offend You, Yeah?’s We Are Rockstars, which also received Cold Blank’s remix treatment lately. Thumbs up to LightsoverLA.

Daft Punk vs. Does It Offend You, Yeah? – We Are Technologic (LightsoverLA Re-Mash)