Jun 2009
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Kicking & Screaming

Judging by the number of track submissions I receive, there’s obviously a strong electronic music scene growing in Ireland. DJs and producers such as Ghostscene DJs, Schizofonics, Mark Lam -to name just a few- are tearing up dancefloors all over the world with their tracks and remixes. Nice to hear tracks from Northern Ireland as well: Excellent remix of The Presets’ Kicking And Screaming by Gunstar.

The Presets – Kicking And Screaming (Gunstar Remix)

Very Justice-esque remix of Chromeo’s Call Me Up, delivered by German producers Grave Robbers. Awesome use of analogue bass samples, very close to Justice, without copying them, though. These guys have a pretty decent Kanye West remix out as well, unfortunately I decided to boycott Kanye a long time ago, when he described himself as the “voice of an entire generation”

Chromeo – Call Me Up (GRVRBBRS Remix)