Jun 2009
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DJs against poverty

Seems as if I can’t stop posting up politically related content. Just received an email which I will just copy and paste to share it with you:

“On May 22nd I headed to Nairobi, Kenya with HOPE (Helping Other People Everywhere) for the experience of a lifetime. We were there to bring our artistic abilities and knowledge to the locals, share with them, and work with them. As part of the trip I DJed at the Sawa Sawa Festival, participated in interviews, taught kids about DJing and how to use Serato, as well as recorded music with Kenya’s biggest hip hop emcee.

In addition to donating my energy and time, I am offering an advance download from my upcoming album, The Maestro (out in July), to benefit the HOPE Campaign.

The song is called “Work It Out,” and it is very fitting to my journey, and is one of my favorites on the album.


The donation price is set at a minimum of 60 cents and all the money goes to the HOPE Campaign (minus 10 cents to PayPal).

Please download it, enjoy it, and know that all the proceeds will go to incredible projects for the advancement of the arts in Kenya.

Thank you for your support,