Jul 2009
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It’s all over.
It’s fuckin’ over.
Passed my final exams.
  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    congratulations! nice hair..;D

  • Jonathan

    Congratz! Now can you please continue to kick ass on the blog?

  • Anonymous

    Congratz & Thanx for running this awesome blog! /xrayelk

  • Anonymous

    yay! congrats and thanks for posting great tunes!

  • Anonymous

    First time here but already a lover, well done on the exams sir!

  • embee

    gratz jakob 😉

  • Anonymous

    Haha, I think he has been drunk since wednesday 😀

  • Slamer

    hej jakob cool hair! =))
    congrats for your exams =))

  • Anonymous

    You are quite the babe.

  • Anonymous

    Awesome jewfro'

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