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Boys Noize: Power & The Bloody Beetroots: Romborama

Boys Noize – Power

01. Gax
02. Kontact Me
03. Starter
04. Jeffer
05. Transmischen
06. Nerve
07. Trooper
08. Sweet Light
09. Drummer
10. Rozz Box
11. Nott
12. Heart Attack

Launch party: September 26, 2009, London

The Bloody Beetroots – Romborama

01. Romborama (ft. All Leather)
02. Have Mercy On Us (ft. Cécile)
03. Storm
04. Awesome (Feat. The Cool Kids)
05. Cornelius
06. It’s Better A DJ On 2 Turntables
07. Talkin’ In My Sleep (ft. Lisa Kekaula)
08. 2nd Streets Have No Name (ft. Beta Bow)
09. Butter
10. Warp 1.9 (ft. Steve Aoki)
11. Fucked From Above 1985
12. Theolonius
13. Yeyo (ft. Rawman)
14. Little Stars (ft. Vicarious Bliss)
15. Warp 7.7 (Feat. Steve Aoki)
16. Make Me Blank (ft. J. Davey)
17. House In
18. Mother
19. I Love The Bloody Beetroots
20. Anacletus

Release date: August 25, 2009

  • Serj

    I really hope that isn't the cover for Romborama. It just looks nasty and cheap. Can't wait for the album to drop though.

  • Anonymous

    did the boys noize LP leak? i cant wait for that shit to leak…

  • Pola-Riot

    indeed that's the cover of romborama. and it's from tanino liberatore, comic legend. nasty: yeah. cheap: not really.

  • Shane

    Can't decide which i'm looking forward to more..

  • Jakob @ Disco Demons

    Boys Noize album is better. Believe me, kiddos.

  • Anonymous

    Do you have it yet?

  • Anonymous

    jesus christ those are going to be the two hotest albums this year!

  • cigarick

    i got the album its amazing

  • Slamer

    boys noize vs bloody beetroots

    hell yeah! =)

  • NDstructable

    beetroots album is out there if you look hard enough… some good NEW songs on there

  • kevin

    I think the beetroots album kinda sucks, all the tracks are kinda piled on top of each other there was no real order to the album