Jul 2009
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Russian Alien

First things first: I decided to stick with MediaFire for several reason: 25MB file limit on box.net (compared to 100MB on MediaFire), 1GB total storage (unlimited space on MediaFire) plus slow download speeds in comparison to MediaFire. I’m sorry for those of you who preferred box.net, if you can find another comparable filehoster I’ll be more than glad to try it.

Back to music: Here’s my latest discovery, Russian producer Opticus Crime. I think it was especially the following line in his email that caught my attention: “influenced by far far space, old disco, alcohol & comics”. I wasn’t promised too much, the EP attached to the email contained four cosmic, old school tracks, driven by amazingly sweepy synths and pulsating sine leads. Fascinating artist, sounds more than promising. Go show him some mySpace love, kiddos.

Opticus Crime – Human Tribute

Opticus Crime – Bourbon Gentlemen’s Club

Oh, and in case you’ve missed it: Romborama has now obviously leaked for the masses, it’s literally everywhere.

  • Tim | TheBlueWalrus

    Great find in Opticus Crime.

    On the filehost front, give drop.io a go (each drop is up to 100MB, but you can make as many as you want). Maybe a drop per week or similar could work…

  • Frank

    Try speedyshare. You can sample the song simply by clicking the title, then you download it by clicking the smal box beside the name. Plus the download is super fast. Its the way to go

  • Jakob @ Disco Demons

    The problem with SpeedyShare is that there are no real accounts. On MediaFire I can log in, browse my files, check download stats, etc.