Aug 2009
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Electro Pusher Deux

I get tons of mixtapes and it’s always a bit difficult for me to filter out the real good ones as I don’t have enough time to check out all of them – that’s why it’s all about the intros. This one’s intro immediately caught my attention. Primate King from Oakland, California sent over one of the most diversified mixes I’ve heard in quite a while. Don’t miss this amazing blend of various genres, kiddos.

Primate King – Electro Pusher Deux

Bonus: Emiliana Torrini – Jungle Drum (Tolo Remix)

  • Brian Ball

    Hey Jakob & Disco Demons, thank you for taking a chance on Electro Pusher Deux! Also…if you have any tracks you think would fit nicely into the next installment of the Electro Pusher Mix Series, please send them my way! primate king at gmail dot com

  • tolo

    hey massive thankls for posting this :)

  • Brian Ball

    Hey Tolo, you F'ing ROCK! BIG UP 4 the MASSIVE Remix :)