Aug 2009
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Georg Friedrich

Hiya kiddos, hope y’all had a nice weekend. Been partying with UK Drum & Bass DJ Bryan G on Thursday, recovering on Friday and dancing till sunrise on Saturday – thanks to Hercules & Love Affair and local heroes Bunny Lake. Here are three tunes that have been rocking my weekend:

High Contrast
definitely left his unique remix fingerprints on Adele’s incredibly beautiful track Hometown Glory. Even if you’re not into Drum & Bass at all, this amazing remix has to be heard!

Adele – Hometown Glory (High Contrast Remix)

Andrew Butler from Hercules & Love Affair played a great set consisting of mainly retro disco tracks, quite entertaining. Here’s a song by his band, just to get an idea of the whole thing.

Hercules & Love Affair – Athene

Last but not least Austrian flagship electropoppers Bunny Lake, offering a lot more than a dead drunk singer: Here’s a massive remix by Austrian American Christopher Just. In case you’re wondering: Now you know where I stole my name from…

Bunny Lake – Disco Demons (Christopher Just Remix)

Bonus: My mobile phone ringtone I sometimes find myself dancing to when drunk enough. If I had to explain the meaning of the word “epic” to a non-English speaking person, I guess I’d just wait for someone to call me.

G. F. Händel – La Grande Sarabande