Sep 2009
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Disco Demons Exclusive: Mr Nô

Another Disco Demons exclusive: I’m more than proud to present you the latest remix by French electro maestro Mr. Nô, the secret third member of Justice. In fact, there’s no other explanation for his amazing sound than being related to either Gaspard or Xavier. Anyway, this guy has rocked my world since I heard the first remix he ever did.

His latest work, Desert In The City, sounds like a banging hommage to Justice: A slapping analogue bass intro with huge distorted synths rising in the background that make Justice’s Planisphère look (or sound) like a choire of little school girls.
Oh, and for those of you who have never heard of Mr. Nô before (shame on you!), I include said first remix below. Go educate yourselves, kiddos!

Abstract Sound Project РDesert In The City (Mr N̫ Remix)

Bonus: The Elderberries – Lost My Way (Mr Nô Remix) ♥