Sep 2009
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Hangover Post

Not exactly in the mood for losing too much words on this due to massive hangover. Thanks to Mr. Sub Focus my ears are ringing, and so is my head. Deluce from Paris, France is exactly what I need right now: Chilled, cosmic beats from far, far space. Go check out his other songs on mySpace, they’re dope!

Deluce – Lionsheart

Another quite spacey tune brought to you by Aliquo from the UK: Stars Collide is an amazingly soft and beautiful track that makes me feel a bit christmassy right now – no, I’m not drunk anymore. Looking forward to hear more of these guys.

Aliquo – Stars Collide

Last but not least there’s a track for those of you who are neither feeling hung over nor christmassy: Horace Withers by Toronto-based producer Juliusson is an epic track building up for nearly two minutes, just to break down with enough power and energy to drive out the last bit of dizzyness of your head.

Juliusson – Horace Withers