Sep 2009
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Welcome To The Jungle!

As a music blogger, I get to check out lots of tracks every day. Most of them are quite good, some of them are very good, but only a few are excellent – these are the ones that make it on Disco Demons. When filtering out these tunes, I sometimes happen to stumble upon real masterpieces that stand out against all the other music I find in my inbox. They have something that I can’t describe but that makes them very special to me – and hopefully as well to you, kiddos:

The Very Best are an exceptional band with an exceptional story: Esau Mwamwaya, an African immigrant living in London, happened to work in the same street where Radioclit’s producers had their studio. They were in need of a percussionist for a new project, so when they happened to run into Esau, they invited him to their studio. He soon turned out to be the most talented songwriter they had ever worked with.

This story on its own would be reason enough to do a post about it, but it gets even better: Alan Wilkis, whom I had featured a few times on Disco Demons, delivers a fantastic remix of The Very Best’s track Warm Heart Of Africa, one of the most amazing remixes I’ve heard in quite a while, to be honest. This masterpiece is more than just a re-arrangement of audio tracks, it’s a real clash of cultures, a fusion of warm, pulsating African rhythms and vocals and 80s retro analogue synth sounds and drum samples.
Totally overwhelmed by this, got it stuck on repeat. This remix should be made an official one and be pressed on the B-Side of the single. And now go show Alan some mySpace love, he really deserves it.

The Very Best – Warm Heart Of Africa (Alan Wilkis Remix)