Sep 2009
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new BLOODY BEETROOTS track ?!?

Let me make one thing clear: I have no information on this one, I don’t know anything that you you don’t know. Obviously it’s a new Bloody Beetroots track that has been ripped off a set and has found its way to the internet. To be honest, I think it sounds a lot better than most of the tracks on Romborama, it’s got more of their old, banging sound.

The Bloody Beetroots & Zingone – Pinky Girl (feat. Nina Martine)

  • jbklve

    this is not a new one man

  • Pola-Riot

    hört sich ganz nach wirklich frühen beetroots an. also wohl kein wirklich neuer track, sondern eher ein eben erst aufgetauchter. kann mich sogar dunkel an so was wie eine zingone-kollabo erinnern.

  • Chris

    whatever happened to this song? is it officially NOT bloody beetroots? because it ROCKS. wish i knew who it actually was