Oct 2009
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Disco Demons Exclusive: Replay

“Replay is the most catchy tune in the world which has fallen into a deep pot of sarcasm and then was strangled with bassdrums until it was the perfect dance track.” – I love quoting press releases: Someone else gets paid huge amounts of money for spending hours in front of a computer screen, making up a few sensational sentences that I can then copy & paste on my blog to avoid doing the same work without getting paid a hundred bucks per sentence.

Anyway, I don’t want to beat around the bush any longer: I’m more than proud to announce that Austrian electro wizzards A.G.Trio have sent over their latest release titled Replay for me to première it to the blogosphere. Once again they deliver an excellent fusion of pop music and electro beats, along with banging remixes by Eriq Johnson and ULTRNX. Here’s the original mix which I like best, the remixes can be found on Freaks Like Us Records’ soundcloud. As always: A song means a lot when a song is bought.

A.G.Trio – Replay (Original Mix)
(128k exclusive preview)