Oct 2009
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Phoenix – Fences // The Winner

It is a matter of fact that the best artists in the electro scene are French – period. Well, second place went to Stefanger from Paris, France – guess where the winner is located: Cannes, France.

French producer Franklean sent over the best remix by far, everything is chopped up and reconstructed so seamlessly and solid that you could easily press this one on the B side of a Fences vinyl. An electric piano with sweepy, filtered flangers slowly rising in the background rings in a completely reworked and amazingly groovy version of Fences. A fusion of stabby lead synths that remind me of Eurythmics’ Sweet Dreams and huge drum runs that Kavinsky himself couldn’t have done better teleport you right back to a 1989 beach. I honestly raise my hat to you, Franklean!

Phoenix – Fences (Franklean Multimix)