Oct 2009
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Rogue Element Remix Contest

Hey kiddos, another huge remix contest: To mark the release of the new Rogue Element single Lumina (which is awesome, by the way), Exceptional Records are giving you a chance to get your grubby mits on the stem audio files from the track. Feel free to kick them about, splice them with your own noises, throw them at the wall, paint them green, do whatever you like but bring us something to get excited about. The winners will be judged by Exceptional Records and Mr. Element himself.

The winner gets full promotion through Exceptional Records, including announcements on various web pages as well as mailing lists to thousands of media partners. Furthermore, the winning producer will get a stack of CDs from Exceptional Records – and if your remix is really, really good, it will be released on iTunes and Beatport.

I guess that’s enough motivation for all of you producing folks out there, now quickly head over to mySpace and listen to the original here, go get yourself the stems here and then start chopping, slicing, mixing and fixing. If you’re content with the result, go email it to info@exceptionalrecords.co.uk until November 13, including name and email adress in the ID3-tags of your mp3. Please don’t flood Exceptional Records’ inbox by sending files larger than 10MB.

Oh, and please consider sending over your remixes to your beloved friend Disco Demons, to maybe get some extra promotion…